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Grass-Fed Whey-Protein Pure

Grass-Fed Whey-Protein Pure

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Pure Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate from grazing New Zealand cows

Natural, delicious, and high protein!

That's our Protero Grass-Fed Whey Protein. We always work to meet the highest standards. That's why "lots of protein" was just not enough for our protein powder - we also wanted happy cows from grass-fed farms and a creamy, rich taste. So that's what we created!

Milk from grass-fed cows for optimal nutritional content

The milk for our Whey Protein is from grass-fed New Zealand cows. You can taste the difference! In New Zealand, almost all livestock spends all year on pastures. So you can be sure that the cows that produce the milk for your Protero Grass-Fed Whey Protein have a life grazing on fresh, lush green gras under the blue sky. You don't just get the healthiest and most delicious kind of milk, you can also feel good about enjoying it!

OMEGA 3 & CLA - Contains 'fatburner' fatty acids by nature

Grass-fed milk naturally contains higher amounts of CLA and omega 3 fatty acids often referred to as fatburner fatty acids. Thanks to ultrafiltration and spray drying, these acids are preserved in our Whey Protein.

Pure protein powder - 100% natural

No tricks, no deception! No fillers, no artificial flavors, no sweeteners, just 100% natural grass-fed Whey Protein with sunflower lecithin for excellent solubility.

Make your Post-Workout perfect

Add our Whey Protein Powder to your Post Workout Shake, to your Protein Pancakes, or to your Low Carb Snack - get the best out of every meal.

So, stop hesitating and try a natural way! With our grass-fed Whey Protein, you get the best of nature for a strong and healthy body.


Whey Protein Concentrate (grass-fed milk), sunflower lecithin



Recommended intake

Mix 3 tablespoons of protein powder with 250ml - 300ml milk or water. Please check your individual protein requirement. Depending on your body, your diet, and your lifestyle, this can be different from our recommendation. We generally recommend an intake of 30g one to three times per day, depending on the individual.

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