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Kefir Whey Isolate - Fermented Protein

Kefir Whey Isolate - Fermented Protein

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Trust your gut feeling with Protero Kefir Whey!

  • Lactose-free
  • Benefits the microbiome
  • Keto-friendly 0g sugar
  • Made with milk from Irish grass-fed cows
  • 91g protein in 100g powder
  • 100% natural and sourced from an Irish co-operative in West Kerry.
  • Great bioavailability achieved by fast-acting di- and tri-peptides

More benefits with smaller portion sizes

Get the desired amount of protein with a smaller portion of protein powder with Kefir Whey thanks to 0 carbs, fat or fiber and a benchmark absorption rate. Hence, every Dollar or Euro you spend is on usable protein that benefits your body.


As light as yoghurt

Protein powders can make you feel bloated. Kefir Whey being pre-digested and with the benefits of by-products of fermentation for your microbiome is much more like yoghurt than milk. The post-fermentation nutrients created by the process feed the good bifido-bacteria in your gut. This is called bifidogenic activity which has been proven in lab-tests for our Kefir Whey Protein.


More usable protein

Many protein sources are inefficiently digested meaning the protein content is only partially absorbed. Particularly plant-based proteins can contain nutrients that interfere with protein uptake. Kefir Whey is a very pure protein, free of such interfering nutrients.


Fast protein absorption

While unfermented proteins can take up to 6h to be digested, a special set of kefir cultures are used in the fermentation of our Kefir Whey to break up the protein into di-&tripeptides that can be quickly absorbed by your body’s intestinal mucosa.

Fermented whey protein vs. conventional whey protein:

Whey protein comes in three different quality levels: concentrate, isolate, and hydrolyzate – the last currently being the purest and most easily digestible whey
protein. The big disadvantages: hydrolyzate is very expensive to produce and has a bitter taste. That is why you most likely have never seen a pure whey hydrolyzate - most brands combine hydrolysate with cheaper whey isolate.


Kefir whey constitutes a new generation of whey protein. It combines the best properties of hydrolyzate with a pleasantly neutral taste, creamy texture, more than 90 grams of protein, and an affordable price.

Just like hydrolyzate the protein chains are broken up. While hydrolysation breaks up the protein into peptides and amino acids which have a bitter taste. Our fermentation breaks up the protein into di- & tripeptides only. These peptides are absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body. Kefir Whey thus achieves a level of protein uptake comparable to hydrolyzate but without the bitter taste. An absolute game-changer!

The differences and similarities between whey protein hydrolyzate and fermented whey protein

  • Both (pure) hydrolyzate and fermented whey protein contain a very high protein content of over 90% and can be considered the purest form of whey protein.
  • Both forms are sugar-free, fat-free, and lactose-free.
  • Both have in common that they can be metabolized very quickly and efficiently by the body due to the fermentation-induced protease.
  • While (pure) whey protein hydrolyzate tastes very bitter, Kefir Whey is pleasantly neutral and milky.
  • Both hydrolyzate.

Biological value and high bioavailability of the fermented whey protein

Whey proteins are among the foods with the highest biological value. By splitting it into short-chain peptides, Protero Kefir Whey is also characterized by high bioavailability and a unique amino acid profile. The essential amino acids account for 26.87%.

Aminosäureprofil Kefir Whey

Additional benefits of fermentation

Fermented milk products are very different from non-fermented milk products. Undesirable components from the whey are converted during the natural fermentation and are hardly or not at all present in the end product. An example of this is lactose. Therefore the Kefir Whey is lactose-free.

At the same time, fermentation increases complexity and nutrient density, as the kefir cultures produce additional nutrients.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes combined with the ancient art of fermentation

In the most modern processing facilities of our raw material supplier, pasture milk from the surrounding area is made into whey to which natural kefir cultures are added. The fermentation takes place for 12-18 hours at 25°. The whey then goes through cold filtration in the ceramic filter. Through further, finer filtration, the whey loses the remaining lactose and fatty acids, so the protein content increases further.
After cold spray drying, we receive a lactose-free whey isolate protein powder of the highest quality with a protein content of 91g.

So wird Kefir Whey hergestellt


Not just for athletes

Protein supplements are no longer just for bodybuilders, gym goers or athletes. Whether as part of a low-carb or weight-loss diet, protein powders can support your protein intake. Kefir Whey Protein can not only be taken as a protein shake. It can also be used as a baking protein and ingredient for various dishes.

Kefir Whey Rezept


Suitable for a Paleo/Primal diet

In the transitional period to agrarian societies, the Neolithic Revolution, fermented foods and beverages were already available to hunter-gatherers. With the Protero Kefir Whey, you can follow a Paleo-calculated diet without having to do a powerful dietary supplement. If not Paleo it certainly is a Primal Whey indeed.

Game changer protein with the usual taste & texture

The new Protero Kefir Whey does not lack the creaminess known from Weide Whey. It tastes slightly milder and more neutral and mixes very well. Anyone expecting the taste of kefir will be disappointed. The Protero Kefir Whey does not show a sour note due to the microfiltration to whey isolate.

The Kefir Whey Protein is unique in its production and inner values ​​but builds on the usual taste and texture of a conventional high-quality protein powder. So put the article in the shopping cart and you will soon be able to enjoy a real game-changer protein.


Fermented whey protein isolate (from grass-fed milk), soy lecithin (non-GMO), inactivated kefir cultures

Nutritional values

in 100g per portion (30g)
energy 364kCal / 1525kJ  109kCal / 457,5kJ
fat 0,1g
carbohydrates 0,1g
protein 91g
salt 0g 0g

Information for allergy sufferers

Milk, soy (less than 1%)

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Customer Reviews

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This is by far the best protein I have ever used and I have been using protein powder for almost 40 years. The mixability is beyond. All you need is a shaker. The flavor of the protein itself is unbelievable. It has no flavor, but it has no aftertaste it almost taste like milk, I love this protein and I have referred everyone. I know to come here to buy this protein. Thank you for inventing such a great product. Also, there are no digestive problems with this protein no and no weird soapy taste like in other protein powders The best thing about this protein powder is it has nothing artificial no sugar no flavorings no artificial sugar. It truly is amazing.