Our suppliers

We don’t make it easy for ourselves when it comes to selecting our raw materials. Because quality begins with the origin of the raw materials, continues through the most gentle processing possible in the most modern facilities and ends with bottling in the most environmentally friendly containers possible.

As a member of the association for dietary supplements and the dealer association, we regularly exchange ideas with representatives of the industry and keep our websites up to date with regard to legal certainty and consumer protection.

When manufacturing our products, we follow the approach:

Production is always carried out according to the HACCP standard. Where possible, dairy products are sourced from pasture-raised animals. Each batch is traceable to the source and laboratory tested. We also regularly externally test the sterility and product quality through laboratories and companies such as DLG.

Protein production according to HACCPPasture farming

PB Leiner (Argentina) - Collagen

From extensive research and discussions with experts at trade fairs, we were able to determine that there is no production of pasture-raised collagen in Europe. Perhaps a negligible small part of the raw material could be from pasture farming. A number of suppliers have taken this as an opportunity to use the statement “pasture-raised”.

We were finally able to find a manufacturer, PB Leiner, who verifiably produces collagen from pasture-raised animals. This is certified by LIAF Control.


Fonterra (New Zealand) - Lactoferrin, Willow Whey

We receive products from New Zealand from the renowned milk manufacturer Fonterra, which is the result of a cooperative of around 10,500 New Zealand dairy farms.
Fonterra is one of the world's largest dairy companies with the most advanced facilities and technologies.

Carbery (Ireland) - Kefir Whey

Carbery enjoys a reputation as an innovative dairy company, emerging from a cooperative of over 1000 dairy farmers from the West Kerry region of Ireland.

Carbery regularly receives awards for sustainability and innovation and is a member of the Origin Green initiative, which pursues pasture farming and sustainability.

AzorGhee (Azores, Portugal)

The Azores are a very special address for dairy products with year-round pasture farming and regenerative, more original, less industrially developed production. The archipelago is relatively small and so the products can be found almost exclusively in Portugal.
We have spent months building up contacts and supply chains to source the special ghee from the Azores for you.