Ihr Kefir oder Joghurtgetränk aus Eiweißpulver selber machen

Make your own kefir or yogurt drink from protein powder

Why buy kefir in the supermarket when you can easily make it yourself? Our Kefir Whey already has bifidogenic activity. This means there are prebiotic bacteria that help with digestion. And these prebiotic bifido bacteria can be allowed to continue to multiply in a Kefirko fermentation jar . We'll show you in 5 simple steps how you can easily make your own kefir at home.

Fresh Protero yogurt drink

This is what you need for your kefir

To make your own kefir, you will need a Kefir fermentation jar and Protero Kefir Whey , as well as milk or water.

Which milk is suitable for your homemade kefir?

Cow's milk is best suited for making your kefir - especially full-fat pasture milk. Because cow's milk not only gives you good-tasting kefir, but also thick kefir. Alternatively, goat's milk is also an option. This differs in structure from cow's milk and makes your kefir thinner than with cow's milk.

Another option for your kefir drink is to make it with sheep's milk. Not only does it taste sweeter than cow's milk, but it also contains more protein. Therefore, your kefir with sheep's milk will be both thicker and creamier than with cow's milk.

Be careful with lactose-free milk! This is not suitable for making your own homemade kefir as the lactase it contains inhibits fermentation.

How to make homemade kefir in 5 steps

Great, now that you have all the ingredients ready, we can start making it!

  1. Mix 3 tablespoons of Protero Kefir Whey with about 300 ml of milk and shake it well.
  2. Then pour the mixture into the fermentation jar.
  3. Open the lid of the fermentation jar a little to encourage fermentation and let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours. After 24 hours, fermentation is complete and the milk should be slightly thicker and more sour.
  4. Remove the lid and stir the kefir with a stir stick.
  5. Complete. Now you can drink it directly from the glass or decant it.

After the fermentation process, place the jar in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for another 24 hours to allow the bacteria to multiply further. The Kefirko Second Fermentation glass is suitable for this.

And your protein shake with extra high bifidogenic activity, i.e. with even more probiotics, is ready. Alternatively, you can also ferment your kefir with water and dried fruits.

Are you still missing your kefir whey protein to make your own kefir? You can easily order it online here !

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