Die 10 besten Fitness-Geschenke

The 10 best fitness gifts

Are you looking for a gift for your loved ones?

Of course, with Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, it's sometimes not that easy to always have a great gift idea in stock. It's good that we have 10 cool gift ideas ready for all fitness-loving friends.

Fitness gifts for working out at home

With Corona at the latest, it's time to make training at home a little more efficient. We have 4 great pieces of equipment that shouldn't be missing when training in your own four walls.

Pull-up bar

A pull-up bar is the ideal addition to back, arm and abdominal training. The pull-up bar for at home can be easily attached to the door frame and removed and stowed away after training. Just make sure the pull-up bar fits in the recipient's door.




You can find these in different weight classes and use them in any number of ways for your training at home. The plastic versions are usually only available in the lower weight classes. However, they don't offer you a really good grip, which is why we recommend cast kettlebells.




Dumbbell set

A dumbbell set enables the recipient to have both effective and varied training and should definitely not be missing for training in your own four walls.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are not only ideal for warm-ups, but also for the main exercises of your home workout. Especially for bodyweight exercises, they provide additional resistance as a great addition to training. But the resistance bands can also be used for stretching after training.

Fitness gifts to support training

In addition to training equipment, there are a variety of fitness gifts that support or make training easier.

Fitness towel

Of course, a towel should not be missing in your sports bag. And you certainly can't go wrong with a new one to change into. By the way: There are even special fitness towels that are easier to hang over the equipment.


Hand bandage

All it takes is one wrong movement during training and your wrist starts to hurt. However, this can be easily prevented. A wrist bandage protects the wrist from overstretching, overloading and possible injuries. Make sure to gift a wrist brace for sports. Because these are much more breathable and absorb moisture.

Fitness gifts for after workouts

Anyone who trains diligently should also pay attention to their protein requirements and cover them sufficiently. This particularly supports your muscle building. So here are a few fitness gift ideas for after training:

Protein powder

The classic after training is probably a protein shake. And of course a delicious protein powder shouldn't be missing. For the best enjoyment, the milk in Protero Weide Whey comes from Irish cows on pasture. In addition, Weide Whey can be used not only as a post-workout shake, but also as an ingredient for delicious protein pancakes, low-carb snacks or other recipes.

Kefir whey

Kefir whey – what is that? You will find a particularly high protein content in both conventional whey protein and kefir whey. However, fermentation breaks down the di- and tri-peptides and makes them better absorbed by the body. Thanks to fermentation, even lactose-intolerant fitness fans can enjoy Kefir Whey.

Protein crunchies

With the Protein Crunchies, even absolute fitness fans can snack. With over 40 percent protein content and rich in fiber, it is the ideal snack for in between meals. And also the ideal gift for your fitness friend.

We hope that there was also the right fitness gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Maybe you're in the mood for one or two fitness snacks or drinks yourself? Then feel free to take a look around our shop!

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