3 Tipps zum Kochen und Backen mit Buttermilch

3 tips for cooking and baking with buttermilk

You've probably already discovered buttermilk on supermarket shelves. We'll tell you what exactly buttermilk is, what the differences are and have great tips for baking and cooking!

Cooking with buttermilk powder

What is buttermilk anyway?

First of all, the question naturally arises as to what exactly buttermilk actually is. Simply put, buttermilk is a by-product of butter production. In order to produce butter, the solid components are separated from the liquid ones. The solid components are mainly made up of fat and form butter at the end of the manufacturing process. The remaining liquid, on the other hand, is the buttermilk.

Since the fat for the butter was extracted, buttermilk is the light version of milk with only 1 percent fat. Due to its low fat content, it is very low in calories at around 37 kcal per 100 ml.

Why is buttermilk considered so healthy?

Buttermilk contains many probiotics , i.e. healthy lactic acid bacteria. These have positive effects on your digestion as well as on the intestinal flora. In addition, buttermilk is rich in protein, calcium and vitamin B12, which contribute to a healthy diet and support cell growth.

This is the difference between pure buttermilk and buttermilk

Pure buttermilk is a natural product and free of preservatives, flavor additives and binding agents. In contrast, with buttermilk, lactic acid bacteria are added to the skimmed milk and water or skimmed milk is added.

While pure buttermilk is fuller and thicker, buttermilk is more sour and smooth. However, there is little difference in the nutritional content of pure buttermilk and buttermilk.

Tips for cooking and baking with buttermilk

Ingredients Buttermilk powder

Drinking buttermilk is delicious - of course - but did you know that you can also use it to conjure up many great and delicious recipes?

Sweets with buttermilk

Buttermilk is great for desserts and baking. The sour note goes well with creamy desserts such as buttermilk mousse or pancakes.

Buttermilk pancakes

When baking, buttermilk prevents unsightly grayish discoloration caused by blueberries, for example, and promotes browning and texture.

Hearty dishes

Buttermilk can not only be used for sweet dishes, but also for savory dishes. For example, you can prepare delicious soups.

An insider tip for preparing meat is to soak it in buttermilk before further processing. This makes the meat really tender! Alternatively, buttermilk also makes a very tasty marinade for poultry.

Summer drinks

Buttermilk is a refreshing alternative, especially on hot days. With this you can prepare delicious, homemade and low-calorie milkshakes with fruit.

Buttermilk in summer

Good buttermilk in the pantry

The best alternative to fresh buttermilk is probably our Protero buttermilk powder . Because this means you always have one to hand! Simply mix the powder with a little milk or water – and your buttermilk is ready!

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